Podcasting is conversation


“Podcasting is the digital medium built on the power of conversation,” Jason Hoch from Adweek said.

Hoch explains podcasts perfectly. The power and popularity of podcasts is due to the fact that they are conversations. Podcasting has a more spontaneous flow as Hoch points out. It is simple and can entertain people for hours. They are easy to listen to while driving, working out, eating, doing homework; basically doing anything at anytime.

Over the past few years podcasts have really taken off. There are even ads for podcasts on Hulu and other streaming sites. Half of the bachelor and bachelorette contestants become podcasters. They host other members of previous seasons and just talk about the show. They make money and have a large following rate.

Podcasts are beating out audiobooks in terms of popularity. This is due to podcasts having a conversational tone. They are simple to make and those who don’t like to be on camera can still get their voice out there.


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