Podcasts Are Just The Beginning!

In case you were not aware podcast are becoming more and more popular. Many content curators are starting to add podcasts to their portfolios because of the opportunity that they give. There are a variety of factors why podcasts are the way to get comfortable with yourself making content.  

Hearing and seeing yourself for the first time can be a shock. We are not used to it, so by taking it one step at a time, it will help you become comfortable with yourself.  By making podcasts, you will get used to talking to an object and get used to hearing yourself. When I first heard myself for the first time, I hated it. When making podcast you just hear your voice and you are not focusing on what you look like. Eliminating sight, you can just focus on your voice and getting comfortable with that. Then, you can move on to video.  This is also great for people who are not comfortable with cameras at all, so a podcast would be a great way to create more content.  

Another thing to consider is that you make your podcast as serious or as conversational as you want. There are many genes of podcasts ranging from storytelling to scientific, so it is easy to pick on what you are interested in. One thing that I would recommend is that you need to keep creating. By creating and editing it will make it easier to hear and see yourself.  I am finally starting to get used to who I am on camera and on audio because my professors are encouraging me to keep creating. Don’t give up.  

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