Melaleuca and a Higher Quality of Life

Melaleuca is a health and wellness company that has been apart of my families lives for around 10 years now. I wanted to share in this blog a few testimonials as to how it has helped keep people safe and make their life quality higher than using everyday products. The first story I will be sharing is my own.

Growing up I never really had health issues, I don’t have any allergies that I know of, and to this day I haven’t ever needed to go to the hospital. As we get older though as most of us know our health starts to decline and while I’m still in pretty good health I’ve noticed that my well-being is far more on my mind today than it used to be.

As I said before when I was young my health was never really an issue but from age 10 to about 14 I did have a small issue that concerned my parents. It seemed normal to me but back then I would get migraines usually about once a week and we couldn’t figure out what was causing them.

For those who don’t know migraines are very painful headaches and you know them when you get them. They start when you notices little blurry spots in your vision. This will gradually extend through most of your eye until your head starts to hurt. I can’t stress this enough but this is no normal headache. It almost feels like your head is on fire. The blurriness will go away but your eyes will have a strong sensitivity to light. Finally you will start feeling nauseous until ultimately you throw up.

It is always a good feeling afterwards though because about a hour later you will feel fine again. This normally would be something people could handle but from start to finish they usually last anywhere from 4-7 hours.

As you can imagine, me being in school five days a week, it was very bothersome and very problematic to have to miss a day every week or so. If you miss too many days of school then you can’t legally move on to the next grade even if you pass so sometimes even feeling the way I did, I was forced to sit through it as long as I could.

To say the least, whenever I started seeing those first blurry spots my day got a lot worse!

Once I got to high school though, around age 15, their frequency went down to about once a month and that trend has continued even to this day. Its not convenient but dealing with one a month is far better than having to deal with 7 or 8 of them.

About this same time is when my family started buying our cleaning products from a company called Melaleuca. My mom found them through our friends and we’ve been using their products ever since, so about 10 years now.

Now like I said before my migraines had become far less frequent but last year they began happening more frequently. Well being older and more aware of my health I did some research and finally found the cause.

Last year when my migraines started happening again, I was in Japan for a semester abroad so I was away from Melaleuca’s cleaners and back to normal everyday products. Looking on the bottles of the cleaner I was using listed was mild to severe headaches. The list is much longer than that but I had never given it a second thought because it was on a shelf so I assumed it was safe. Now that I am back home I am so happy to be back on my safer cleaners because my headaches are back down to a minimum.

(6th Start)

The next story that I’m going to talk about is from my friend Lance Smith and his wife Michelle. Lance is the person who actually introduced my family to Melaleuca as he worked worked for the company for about 18 years now. Because of this Lance has plenty of stories from not only his family but plenty more from other customers that he has come into contact with

Lance and his wife Michelle have four kids two boys and two girls. Of the four the youngest one is the one we’re going to be focusing on, Tristan. Tristan is now a senior in high school but at the time of the incident he was only 4 years old.

Lance and Michelle’s family is very active and very much into athletics. Their oldest son currently is playing basketball for a college in Nebraska and their second oldest has won state in gymnastics on two occasions.

Their family does has some allergies but by all means they are very healthy

At the time of this story as I said Tristan was about four years old Lance was actually home alone with all four of the children. He was giving one of the older girls a bath leaving the eldest son who was about 10 at the time to keep and eye on the other two. Of course they had child proofed their house, but as we know accidents can always happen.

About 20 minutes later Lance came into the other room and noticed that Tristan had green stuff on his face. Rushing into every room he could he found a empty container of painitrate. This is a substitute for IcyHot which is used on the outside of your body for sore muscles and eggs definitely not something that you want to be consuming.

Realizing that Tristan had consumed this he rushed Tristan to the hospital only to turn around about five minutes into the drive.

Calling the hospital in advance Lance learned from the hospital that Melaleuca’s products were on a Non-toxic list. This basically means that the hospital employees weren’t concerned for his life at all because it had a painitrate that little Tristan consumed and not actual IcyHot.

Melaleuca’s cleaning products are so safe that their cleaners are not even required by law to have child protective caps. This means that for parents with children, even if an accident does happen the worse that will happen is their child will be slightly sick for a few days.

This story really sticks with me because once I have children I will have the peace of mind that they are safe from any serious harm even when accidents happen.

(7th Start)

For the next story were going to talk about an ex-pro football player named Keith. I don’t want to give out his last name to keep privacy but he is a family friend of both mine and Lance. As you can probably already guess he has been in pretty healthy shape for most of his life being a professional athlete and all.

Even so tragically a few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer.

He has since recovered from it but at one point it was even classify to stage four which means he had a very very small chance of surviving it

As we have stated before, Lance and his wife both work for Melaleuca and knowing how good the products are, they tried on several occasions to get Keith and his family to switch over onto their healthier and cleaner products. Being stubborn as most people are Keith said no simply because he was comfortable with the products that he had and really paid no attention to the hazards on the bottle.

Most of us aren’t ignorant to the fact that there are dangers out there but most of us have thought the line “It won’t happen to me”. This is just our nature and usually we will act only after something happens to us.

Anyways back to the hospital room where Keith was diagnosed he obviously had many questions. “Why me? I have always been healthy”, “What is next?”, but most importantly “What could have caused this?”.

About 30 seconds after having been given the answer to this question, He called up Lance and sign up with Melaleuca on the spot.

Of the answers given to him, “it could be some of the chemicals you’ve been exposed to” as the second and all it took for Keith to realize that Lance and Michelle were right. He has now been a customer for 6 years and hasn’t looked back.

The message of his testimonial isn’t that Melaleuca can cure cancer because it certainly can’t. What needs to be taken away from this though is that its better for us to be careful and preventative because although Keith was very lucky to have survived in some cases once you have been harmed there is not going back.

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