Los J’s is still open!

By Ian Golba

What’s goin on, my name is Ian Golba and the only thing on my mind is my next meal. Though I have been close to the Grand Valley most of my life, I have had the chance to experience vastly different cuisine and have a grand appreciation for any dish cooked masterfully. Before my current study I attended culinary school in Breckenridge and Edwards Colorado and had the opportunity to cook for the Four Seasons in Vail. I hope to eat and catalog every locally owned restaurant within a 20 mile radius before life takes me from my hometown. So lets start with a Grand Junction staple to locals and college students alike Los Jilbertos,or more popularly known as Los J’s.

Located right on north and just a few blocks from Wrigley’s Bar, this taco and burrito shop boasts as the only 24-hour food in Junction that isn’t a corporate chain. To my knowledge they have three locations but all are owned by siblings of a local family, two in junction and one in East Glenwood. Being open 24 hours does give its own implications on what state its patrons come to Los J’s, though chances are if they didnt order rolled tacos or a burrito, they’re after the Super Fries. Fresh fries, pinto beans, cheese, guac, sour cream, and steak bits. Whispers of a crackdown regarding where they got their meat circulated for one summer a few years back, but it was definetly better when you couldnt tell what animal you were eating. But pay attention to the little cart to rhe left, this will be a main point of conversation. This is where most local tacarillas or otherwise will have their own sides, condiments, but most importantly, the house made green and red sauce. These will be hot. Dont ask your friend, because they are. You came to the wrong place if you’re worried  about spice. The flavor of the chilis used and the minimal or no seasoning needed to get a wonderful flavor is a large part of a small mexican joint. But after this, Los J’s sauces, arnt terribly hot at all and their green beats their hot 100% of the time.

Los Jilbertos is thriving and my silly review will most likely have zero effect on their numbers, as it should! But, as a local and a person of Hispanic heritage, Los J’s would not make my top 10 of best Mexican places in the valley. Being open 24 hours does earn them points in my book which is why I’m giving them 3.2/5.

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