Top 5 35mm Film Stocks To Try

by Francisco Valdez

In a digital age, we live in many digital photographers as like amateurs are putting down their DSLR’s and smartphones and going back to shooting the old-fashion way with film. Film photography has gained a lot of traction thanks to celebrities such as Kendell Jenner, Frank Ocean, and Chris Hemsworth to name a few. With film photography, there was no going to Lightroom or all these other photo editing apps to change the way your picture looked there are Film Stocks. Find the perfect film stock so you can start shooting ASAP, but without further due, here are the top 5 film stocks to try.

  1. Kodak Portra 400: This first color film stock on my list is Kodak Portra 400. This film is highly suggested as one of the best films out there for any use, but especially portraiture. Portra is known for its pastel colors by enhancing the blues and greens and keeping the reds and oranges perfectly saturated. You can find this film online for about $8-10 dollars for one roll with 36 exposures.

Photos by: Francisco Valdez

2. Kodak Ektar 100: The second color film stock on my list is Kodak Ektar 100. Ektar is known generally by most film photographers as the best landscape film stock. The grain is almost nonexistent in this film stock. It is the opposite of Portra and Ektar is more saturated and not as pastel looking. You can find this film for about $8 dollars for 36 exposure

3. Kodak Ultramax 400: Third, up on my list is Kodak Ultramax 400. Ultramax is often referred to as a poor man’s Portra because of how much less expensive it is than Portra. It can be used for everyday use to shooting your family and friends to street photography there are no limits. You’ll always find a unique way of shooting this film and be amazed at the results when you get your negatives back. You can find this film for 4 dollars each for 24 exposures

Photos by Francisco Valdez

4. FujiPro 400h: Fourth up on my list is FujiPro 400h. This is one usually tends to get left in the dust, but is a beautiful film stock. Fujipro has a neutral look that brings out the greens and gives it a “sunny look” You also get grey and white layers in your photos. This film can be bought $12 a roll for 36 exposures

Photos by Francisco Valdez

5. CineStill 800t: Last, but not least one of my favorite film stocks is the Cinestill 800t. Unlike most of the film stocks that I had mentioned before, this film stock has a tungsten base so any tungsten light shot with this film will be exaggerated. This film stock is perfect for night time especially with neon lights or any light source in the dark.

Photos by Francisco Valdez

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