Pros & Cons of working with a client in a class setting

By: Alyssa Chutka

After spending a semester working with social media in a class, I have come away with a new perspective on its use for brands and companies. Prior to the last few months, my understanding of the business side of social media was limited to knowing that Youtubers get payed somehow for sponsorships. Aside from influencers, I had never really considered how social media can help a business attract its audience.

Stepping into a class that allowed for exploration of social media use in business with a real client has been beneficial in so many ways. I have learned it is important to pick the design and layout of a post depending on the social media it will be posted to.

Working with a client in a classroom setting also allowed for experimenting with designs, layouts and captions in a controlled environment. With the professor and client providing feedback before posting, it was easy to quickly see and understand what was flawed in a post I had submitted, why it wouldn’t fit for the client.

Because this was a classroom setting, that also meant that access to the client was limited. As students, we were not in direct contact with the client which made it difficult to get a grasp on their values and what they wanted to come from their use of social media. This lack of contact also caused a bit of a disconnect between some of the student posts and the client’s ideas.

However, no situation is perfect . So while working with a client in a classroom setting did come with some obstacles, it was a great learning experience to have when searching for internships and jobs. And. . . it’s another thing to add to the ole resume!

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