Spouse + Activities = Spousetivities

By Cameron Lowe

In June 2008, a woman sat in her hotel room playing the thirtieth round of spider solitaire that day while her husband was out at his conference. She hated to be away from him, but the boredom and confinement of her hotel room suffocated her every time she chose to go with him to these events.

So, to fix her problem, she decided to call some of the other wives of the conference attendees, to see if they wanted to go do something together instead of sitting in their rooms alone. Thus, the very first “Spousetivity”! Everyone loved it so much, they wanted to do it at every conference. Soon, the woman who started it all, Crystal Lowe, had turned her plans to fix boredom into a business: Spousetivities.

Luckily, the business has grown and expanded enough to need more marketing expertise and now requires a media coordinator to assist in its branding, growth, and expansion. The target demographic for the company is older, so a proficiency with Facebook and Twitter is essential, as these are the two primary platforms used to connect with the audience.

Facebook is popular because many of our demographic are parents, many of whom are middle-upper class and use Facebook as their primary social media. The business has used a personal profile to this point, so a Page will need to be created and the audience will need to be redirected there.

Twitter is a critical tool for Spousetivities as it is popular for technology professionals and companies, which are two of the main audiences Spousetivities connects with. It allows the greatest exposure to our current community.

The next upcoming event for Spousetivities is Open Infrastructure Summit at the end of April. A twitter promotional event will occur in the weeks leading up to the event. This will feature posts that describe some of the spousetivities available at this event (i.e. a food tour, tour of the Coors factory, etc.).

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