Roice-Hurst Foster Program Branding

By Ariana, Rebekah, and Jenna

Roice-Hurst is an animal shelter and adoption center in Grand Junction, Colorado that provides loving care for homeless dogs and cats. Their mission is to promote unbreakable bonds between pets and their people. They strive to teach their community compassion, leadership, collaboration, stewardship, and excellence in hopes to create a community that celebrates pets. Jenna is the Foster Coordinator at the shelter and she runs the foster program’s social media, which we are going to brand and enhance. Spring is the time of year when kittens need foster homes, so now is the perfect time to build this brand and gain recognition within the community through strong branding and social media presence.

Plus, the world is a better place when a community works together to save the most vulnerable animals!

The two social media platforms we will work on branding are Facebook and Instagram because those are the platforms that the brand currently exists on. On Facebook, the page is “Foster Kittens of Roice-Hurst Humane Society” and the Instagram is @rhhsfosters. It is where the majority of the audience is. We hope that by focusing on those two platforms, we can help bring in more interest in fostering and adopting.

We currently have two ideas for Facebook:

  1. Foster Friday – Feature animals that are currently in foster care
  2. Foster care tips – How to bottle feed, how to wean a kitten, how to socialize a kitten, etc.

Both of these content ideas could work on either platform, but we think the foster care tips would work best on Facebook, as Facebook is the best platform to share outside resources like YouTube videos and links, while Instagram is photo-based and would be perfect for featuring photos of animals. Using both platforms with different content in mind will reach a wider audience and increase the awareness people will have of the foster program.

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