Sarah Bell Yoga

By: Jazmine Ruiz, Elisa Bianchi, Megan Ramstetter

We have chosen to work for a yoga client named Sarah Bell. Sarah originally used to be an instructor in New York and now is traveling to different places to teach classes at a variety of yoga studios including a few here in Grand Junction.

Sarah has a variety of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and a website to promote her business. All of these will need to be changed to a more of a traveling yoga instructor focus rather than just being based New York. Re designing and organizing these platforms and social media will help bring more engagement and send message to a variety of individuals who have a love for yoga as well as beginners!

Sarah wants to send message that you can do yoga anywhere and still wants her past students to continue to follow her within her yoga journey. She is currently holding mentoring classes for those who would like to be yoga instructors as well as flow classes that work specifically on certain parts of the body that may be stiff or need a little extra attention.

The Facebook will be used to reach the majority of her audiences, since most of her students from New York follow her page and still want to see when she might have an event at a yoga studio there. Her page is already being used to inform her students when her classes and events are, but we would like to post for her more consistently. Making posts for her different classes will bring in more yoga lovers and even for those who would like to become yoga instructors, just like herself.

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