I have chosen to promote my own brand and work toward branding myself more as a fly fishing enthusiast around the Grand Valley and hopefully will reach new people in doing so. 

The platforms I have chose to do this with will be Instagram and a blog. Most people in the fly fishing community are on social media. With the new and upcoming generation, it is only growing, and at a rapid speed. The blog will be a lot harder to put in fly fishers hands but with the promoting through Instagram and correct tags on the post I believe that I will reach the correct audience.   

The blog will be about fly fishing and experiences I find valuable to share, and in return I hope this will help people find better success on the water. In addition, I want share the information about conservation and how Colorado’s fisheries are always in need of anglers who are mindful of this. One post I find the strong urge to do is talk about the local river in our town, and in how bad of shape it is. 

Instagram will be used to reach new audiences and also to promote my blog. Every time I publish a post to my blog, I will also create a post talking about the blog on my Instagram account to bring in more viewers. I will do this by posting on my Instagram story. I will also have the link in my bio so people can easily reach it.  

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