CMU-TV Re-Branding

Matt Thornton and Delaney Letts are two students working for CMU-TV, Colorado Mesa University’s campus television station and media outlet. They both help out in many different aspects of production, but have chosen this semester to re-brand themselves as an organization with the help of their general manager, Quaid Hamilton. After coming to the realization that their social presence has been lacking the last few semesters (and especially last semester Fall 2018), CMU-TV has been working hard to make some changes and update everything. Matt and Delaney have now been assigned to create a list of projects they would like to accomplish in order to successfully continue the rebranding they began in January 2019.

Matt and Delaney plan to continue rebranding CMU-TV across several different platforms. They have chosen to continue this process because with as much rebranding as Delaney and Quaid have started with the CMU-TV Instagram in the last 2 months, they have seen huge changes in follower rates and have gotten engagement like never seen before. The hope is that with each platform re-brand, the media reaches more and more people both on campus as well as out in the community.

CMU-TV had thought about creating a website since January that would allow them to livestream their videos and organize their shows in a more efficient way. So, Matt and Delaney will work to design a unique website using in this rebranding project.

CMU-TV already has an established Facebook account, however, Matt and Delaney discussed the changes they should make in order to truly update their page. The cover video is over a year old as well as their Facebook Story Bio (it is almost 2 years old). They want to rework their mission statement and the look of the page in general.

Matt mentioned potentially making a banner with drone footage leading into Escalante Hall and ultimately CMU-TV’s green screen studios. This banner would look very similar to the one he recently made for our New Mav Media Facebook page. Delaney had the idea of potentially making a similar banner to the one CMU-TV has now—a sort of montage/commercial video showcasing a little of each of the shows, but with the shows CMU-TV has consistently produced each week of this Spring 2019 semester. So, two great ideas that the two will need to play around with and decide which best fits their brand—they are in agreement though that the banner must be a video as they are a video-oriented organization.

The Twitter page could also use an uplift. Twitter is still a huge media outlet for news and since CMU-TV is essential capturing important news in their shows like Maverick Postgame and Nitty Gritty, the Twitter should no longer be neglected. So, Matt and Delaney will work together on coming up with a plan to revamp this platform some. Good work was done in the past with the Twitter account, but it will just be a matter of getting it up and running again (the last post was made in May of 2018). Considering the fact that CMU-TV’s Twitter has over 600 followers (more than Instagram), this platform should become a priority again. Again, the bio and banner could use some uplift.

The YouTube does not need to be touched at this point as the hope is to transition into getting people to view most videos on the new website.

By the end of May, Matt and Delaney plan to have all of the above mentioned done. Checking one thing off the list at a time until CMU-TV is up to speed on all things social media.

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