Make or break it


One of the biggest things to consider when posting on any social media site is the image you use. First, consider what you are trying to sell and or say. Are you selling a product? Are you branding yourself? Are you branding for a company? Next, decide what product if any you are featuring. Is it an object, clothes, or what? Now, set the scene. Find the perfect back drop for your message. Outside, inside, green screen, edited; you choose.

Things that make a great image:

  • People: have an object that you are trying to brand? Get someone in your photo with it. People make every image better. They portray emotions, give perspective, and over everything are more pleasing to viewers than just an object in the image.
  • Spacing: use the rule of thirds! In every image pinpoint what you want viewers to focus on and use the rule of thirds to place the viewers focus. If you do not use the rule of thirds you are risking viewers not focusing on your point, and/or, having viewers dislike the photo. Consider spacing of every aspect in the photo. The focus, the background, and every other variable.
  • Color: Don’t be afraid to edit your photos. I don’t mean putting a filter on it to make it look fake, but set the exposure, the brightness, the contrast, levels, and everything you can. A great source for doing this is Adobe Photoshop.
  • Check sizes: when posting look at size image for each site. Make sure the dimensions and everything are set for Facebook or Instagram or whatever you choose.

Viewers love something to look at. Make sure your photo is the best it can be to get the most views. Photos will make or break your media.

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