Youtube Tips and Tricks

     In class we talked about Youtube and how you can improve your channel. Knowing how to use the platforms you are working with is detrimental to its success and growth. This is the key factor that can separate you from being viral or just being another brick in the wall.

You are able to share content that begin at a specific time in the video. This makes it easier to share something with someone and not have them waste time searching for the exact point. Under the “share” and “start here” tabs you can input the desired time to be more efficient with content sharing.

You are also able to see the script for and chosen video. Youtube automatically generates transcripts for all of its videos. It makes it very easy to pull quotes or lines from any chosen video. If you go under the video and click on “more” a transcript option will appear and you will be able to see a videos transcript. Be aware some content creators don’t always touch up on those transcripts, so they may not always be perfect.

Adding playlists to your channel is a great way to help viewers find and share your content. Many businesses use playlists to categorize different clothing lines or to bunch up ideas of the same topic. It also makes your channel look very professional and organized. You first go to the “playlist” tab and then click on “new playlist.” It also gives you options to name the playlist and add music, as well as make it public or private, so anyone or only followers may see.

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