Quit hitting snooze on podcasting



Podcasts often come off as a sort of boring media, but there are plenty of reasons why you should start listening or even producing them. Podcasts have plenty of different genres for whatever the listener might be into and are surprisingly popular, 1 in 5 Americans listen to them occasionally. Weather you’re driving, at the gym, or just killing some free time you can spend it listening to podcasts.

Creating your own podcast starts off by figuring out what you would like to talk about. Its important that you choose something you enjoy talking about, something you love and something people will be able to connect with. Choosing a topic that you care about will aid in the long term because it most likely won’t be something you get tired of.

Your topic could be serious, comical, anything really, chances are at least someone out there will connect with your thoughts. You can also choose to invite someone to join you during your podcast either long-term as a co-host or guest appearances.

After you’ve chosen the most important part of your podcast, the topic, there are a few other vital parts in the making of your podcast. You will need the technology to produce it, aka, a microphone most importantly. Determine the format of your podcast, how will you open and end the show? Will you have reoccurring segments? Finish your podcast off with some album artwork and you’re all set to get started on your journey into podcasting!

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